Announcing Thrustmaster and the T248

31.08.2021 0 Martin Ellingham
Announcing Thrustmaster and the T248

One of our objectives is to bring more people into the world of sim racing and for it to be a genuinely rewarding pastime. Whether you are at the sharp end of the elite leagues, or just starting out, we want to be able to provide products, advice and guidance that takes people on their sim racing journey.

To this end, we are flattered to now be associated with a giant in the industry, Thrustmaster. Thrustmaster have recently teased some new products, including new wheel bases (including Direct Drive) and pedals. The first of those products to go to market is the Thrustmaster T248, a new hybrid drive system that includes a replacement for the T150 (but with 70% more power) and a new set of pedals in a great value bundle. Several YouTubers have had early unit sent to them for review which you can find easily.

We are extremely proud to be a selected vendor who can offer this new product as a pre-order to our customers.

Thrustmaster T248 pre-order is now live: click here

(XBOX version coming soon)

We will be introducing new products that compliment this category of sim racer, such as new PRO SIMRIG products that will be perfect to pair with the T248. Watch out for that news in a separate announcement.

Most people who are familiar with Race Anywhere and the products we provide are possibly not in the market for this product due to where we started (high rigidity direct drive ready rigs), but you may know someone who is. If you know someone looking to get into sim racing with a solid rig and with a great value oriented force feedback wheel and pedals, this could be a great combination for them, so please recommend us!