Copy of European Union, USA, Canada and other non-UK customers

Disclaimer: please research your own country’s rules. The following information is just based on what we have seen as the typical process in practice, but your individual country rules and circumstances may differ. 


Additional information for  European Union,  USA,  Canada and  ‘rest of the world’ customers

The price you see on the website is without tax or any import duties. We do not charge tax on any non-UK orders.

Your individual country rules will dictate what taxes or import duties are owed (if any). As we do not charge any tax to you, this means you are not paying any more tax than you would otherwise expect to pay locally.

If this sounds complicated, typically the local import and delivery company will handle this for you. If there are any charges to pay, they will instruct you what and how to pay. This will typically include your local sales tax, any import duties (rare on consumer purchases), and a small fee for them handling your import.

Your mileage may vary, and some countries even have rules around how certain value thresholds affect what is payable (e.g. some countries do not charge any tax on imports under a certain value)

Delivery companies (who often act as the company importing your order) will do all the relevant paperwork and (may) charge you a small fee for this. In some countries, you can avoid the fee by completing the paperwork yourself, but normally it is best to leave this to the experts and pay the fee instead.


 UK to  European Union sales

The good news is that the UK and the European Union signed a free trade agreement that meant most goods would flow between the two trading partners without any additional tariffs. It is a common misconception that all UK to EU or EU to UK trade will incur additional duties or tariffs. This may happen in the future, but most of this was eradicated by the signing of a deal on Christmas Eve, 2020.

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