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Info ** Pre Order Stage ** Expected to arrive 12th July ** Everybody wins! The size and shape of traditional sim rigs can make true sim racing enthusiasts opt out....
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** Pre Order Stage ** Expected to arrive 12th July **

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Everybody wins!

The size and shape of traditional sim rigs can make true sim racing enthusiasts opt out. The CoffeeRacer aims to ensure everybody can enjoy the pleasure of racing with friends in their own home. No matter if you are aspiring to be the next world champion or would like to indulge in your occasional guilty pleasure (for your children obviously),

The CoffeeRacer is the only racing simulator that does not require a separate room or a big closet to store it when it is not in use (patent pending). Combined with a herringbone solid hardwood tray, this racing simulator transforms into a piece of furniture; a coffee table or plant stand depending on your configuration. This way the CoffeeRacer can be 'hidden' in plain sight, for the majority of time the sim is not in use.

Chris Haye reviews the CoffeeRacer Living

The CoffeeRacer is built in the Netherlands by high end furniture makers so it holds its own in exclusive interiors. Effectively, the CoffeeRacer is a piece of high end furniture combined with a no compromise racing simulator. With the extensive configuration options (Black/white, oak/walnut and table/plant stand use) there is always an option to integrate a CoffeeRacer into your Livingroom, (wo)mancave and/or the children’s playroom.

Due to its mass, rigidity and the high end materials used, it stays well in place, with little to no flex, even with enthusiastic racing and high torque steering wheels. As a result the CoffeeRacer offers a very immersive racing experience from the comfort of your couch!

The extensive adjustment possibilities allow for the CoffeeRacer to be used with different types of couches (lounge/traditional), with different body types (adults 205cm / children 100cm) and different types of steering wheels (not included).

The CoffeeRacer has pre-drilled holes for- and has been tested with: Fanatec CSL Elite, Fanatec CSL DD, Logitech G923, Logitech G29, Thrustmaster T300, Thrustmaster T150, Thrustmaster T248.

Depending on the steering wheel connected the CoffeeRacer works with PC, Playstation and XBOX,

Size CoffeeRacer: 70x48x40 cm (LxWxH)
Size table tray: 70x48x4 cm (LxWxH)
Size plant tray: 48x40x4 cm (LxWxH)
Weight: +/-33kg
Steering wheel Hight adjustment: 58 till 70 cm
Steering wheel depth adjustment -6 till +6 cm
Pedal set distance adjustment: up to 70cm from couch
Exterior colour: White fine texture or Black fine texture metallic (extra durable, outdoor coating)
Interior colour: Dark green fine texture metallic and Ambre (gold) fine texture metallic (extra durable outdoor coating)
Main materials: 4 mm steel, 4mm aluminium, 1,25mm steel, 3mm 100% wool felt patches