We've moved!

02.06.2024 0 Martin Ellingham

We did it. We moved!

It took several weeks of preparation, and 2 long days over 3 different shifts, but we finally moved into our new warehouse. Thank you to the whole extended Race Anywhere team for their monumental efforts. The level of effort and professionalism was exceptional and we're going to start the new week in really good shape. 

There is of course still lots of work to be done to fully move into our new home, but the fundamentals are all setup and working. The only thing we ran out of patience with was the useless HP printer that refused to work on the new network. It will be unceremoniously retired if it refuses to work tomorrow morning 😂

For everyone waiting on a reply to a message or an order update, we're getting there. Thank you for being patient!

All being well, we'll start shipping out again tomorrow and we'll be caught up by the end by the middle of the week.

Thank you for everyone's support, including a number of friends of our company who generously offered their time for free. Fortunately, we were able to get it done without stealing your weekend from you, but I am forever grateful for your kind offers of support. Thank you