Please take some time to read the following information about our products.

When you buy a PSR1 Rig, a monitor stand or any other parts from Pro Sim Rig they come shipped in parts. This means you will need to assemble and build from the parts provided. Some basic tools are also required (not supplied).

When you receive your PSR1, a monitor stand or any other parts from Pro Sim Rig, all angles, bolts, nuts etc. will be included to build and assembly the parts from Pro Sim Rig. Depending on all other gear you may have like monitors, wheels, pedals etc. you may need to visit your local hardware store to pick up certain parts if they do not come with those peripherals already.

Since all our parts are machined from raw materials, naturally there may be minor scratches and scuffs may occur.

Photos of products can show parts that are not included or are not part of our product, such as (but not limited to) wheel, monitors, pedals etc.

There is a lot of hype about sim racing and especially on the hardware side. There are many things to consider.

When you buy your first rig, you must take into consideration if you are a gamer or a driver!

Most people start as gamers but end up as drivers. 

When gamers start out, most buy low end gear to figure out if it is something that they want to continue doing or if it is just a phase. They then slowly evolve their driving skills and want to add on new gear. 

One of the most game changing part is when you purchase your first rig.

When you gear up, you will notice that the experience of sim racing become much more real, and you are now no longer a gamer, you are a driver!

But it is a significant step up in cost, and very often new gear is overpriced. It can be very overwhelming to try to figure out what products provide best value and what adds the most to the driving experience.

We have tried to make our rig as flexible as possible, so you can start with buying a basic rig and then later build on various add-ons and accessories.

Below, we will guide you through the process of buying our rig, and what kind of choices you have to make on the way.


Buying your Pro Sim Rig:

Before you buy your Sim Rig, you must know what kind of wheel you want, so the right bracket is selected fit to the rig.

We have three versions of brackets that fits most wheels.


Driving Position:

Next, You can choose between a high, medium, or low rig; If you want to sit low with pedals high to get a feeling of sitting in a formula car, then choose the low version.
If you want to sit high with pedals low with a feeling of sitting in a GT car, choose the high version. 
You can also buy the low or medium version and an additional upgrade kit, so you can change you rig from low to medium or high from time to time.

We have made our pedal sections very flexible so you can have it at various high or low positions depending on your needs.



You should consider what type of floor your rig will stand on. If it is a very uneven surface layer you should probably consider buying some adjustable feet so the rig can be stabilized. If you just have a little uneven surface, you can use our floor mat for adjustment.



Then you can choose between a variety of add-ons to suit your personal preference.

You can add a Side Mount if you want to drive with a manual gear shifter, a PC table so you have your set-up all in one. You can also add a keyboard tray and a mouse pad tray, and much more will come.



Then you must choose what kind of monitor stand you want. 
For all our stands we have a light and a heavy version.

We recommend to use the light version up to 31 inch monitors with Vesa 100 (50/75/100) and the heavy version from 31.5 inch and larger with Vesa 100 (50/75/100) or Vesa 200 (50/75/100/150/200).

You can also choose between a single - or a triple screen stand.

A triple screen set-up is preferred when you want to get to full driving experience, but you can start with a single screen setup. That way you can always add a triple screen add-on later .

It is also possible to add a top screen monitor stand,  on both single and triple screen setups.
All the above possibilities can be acquired in both aluminium grey and black. 



We have seats suppliers, that we work with, you can purchase your seat directly on our side.

You can also dive into our accessories section to see more add-ons, from cupholders, loose brackets etc.



All summed up; we have built our rigs, so you can get started very simply and easily. Later, if you need an upgrade, you can always add on to your existing rig.


Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. We are here for you.

If you want to chat with is, you can do it here on our Discord server