Sim Racing Test Drive

Want to try new sim racing equipment before you buy?

Schedule a sim rig test drive in Daventry, Northamptonshire (UK) today

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Thinking of getting into sim racing? Or are you already a sim racer and want to try new equipment before investing? Then we have the perfect service for you all.

If you are in travelling distance to Daventry in Northamptonshire here in the UK, you can schedule a comprehensive test drive session on our PRO SIMRIG PSR1 with high-end direct drive steering and load cell pedals.


I've never driven in a sim cockpit before. Can I still take a test drive?

Absolutely! The joy of sim racing is that pretty much anyone can get in and start to pick it up straight away.

If you are inexperienced we will provide guidance and feedback so you can settle in to the driving experience. Want us to just leave you alone to get to grips with it yourself? We can do that too.

We have helped a number of first time sim drivers take their first steps into the rewarding world of sim racing!


When can I take a test drive?

We have an online calendar booking service at the bottom of this page. Choose your preferred date and time and get yourself booked in.


How long can I drive for?

Test drive slots are 1 hour long. There is no limit to the number of slots you can book.


What does it cost?

There is a £30 charge for a 1 hour session on the sim racing demo rig. This fee is to make sure the rig is kept available for people who have a genuine interest in testing the equipment or experience.

Payment will be taken on the day by Credit or Debit card.

In exchange, you will receive a £30 discount against your next purchase at Race Anywhere.

What is the sim rig setup that is available for test drive?


I'm short, big or tall, can I still take a test drive?

Yes, we have pedal and seat sliders to quickly adjust the pedal and seat distance to cater for short / long legs, short / long arms.

The Sparco Grid-Q seat we use as standard on the demo rig is typically suitable for people up to 6' 2" and around 100kg.

If you are larger than this, we have excellent seats to suit the larger frame. We can fit one to the rig given enough notice. Please tell us about this as you book your test drive slot so we can add the correct seat to make your experience more comfortable.


I am disabled or have a physical limitation, can I still take a test drive?

Yes, we have adapted sim rigs for various disabilities and restrictions previously. Please help us understand any limitations you may have with a standard setup (for example: not being able to use foot pedals, therefore requiring a hand braking setup). This way we can make sure that any required adaptations can be made to the demo rig in time for your test drive.

The main part of our facility in Daventry is wheelchair friendly, however the toilet facilities are not particularly wheel chair friendly. The nearest wheelchair friendly toilets are located at McDonalds, a short drive from our facility.


If I like what I see, can I take it away with me the same day?

Yes, so long as the item or items are in stock and packed, you can take them away the same day.


What facilities are there at Race Anywhere?

  • Plenty of car parking space
  • Toilet with hand washing facilities
  • Coffee machine
  • Normally there is a tin of biscuits on the go as well!


Where is the test drive sim racing cockpit located?

Your test drive will take place in Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK.

We are located just 15 minutes from the M1 Junction 16, or 8 minutes from the A5.

Race Anywhere location


I would like to visit, but I am travelling a long way. Is there anywhere to stay locally?

The closest hotel is the Mercure Daventry Court Hotel, just 0.5 miles from Race Anywhere.

The best luxury hotel nearby is the Fawsley Hall Hotel, and is 3.5 miles from Race Anywhere.


Everything with my test drive was great. Can you build it for me?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive build service. See here for more details.

Sim Rig - Click Build Collect Service 


What else do I need to know?

You need to be in good health. You will need to understand the risks associated with operating high-power direct drive systems and sign an insurance waiver.

If you are under 18 you will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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