Packing and packaging for a return

Packing and Packaging a return
We want to ensure that products that need to be returned are done so in the correct way. This helps protect your investment and reduces waste due to damage.

This covers returns for refund (within the refund policy), returns for repair, returns for investigation and returns for any other reason.

Please keep original packaging in the event it needs to be re-used for shipping items back to us. This particularly applies to things that are a) expensive, b) sensitive (e.g. moving parts), c) electronic (where the likelihood of a fault is higher than non-electronic parts).

Products need to be packaged in the original packaging materials in order to guarantee a safe return journey. In the event that the original packaging is not available, alternative packaging suitable for the safe transit of the product will need to be sourced.

Do not send items loose in boxes, they will damage. Do not send parts, that were originally packaged separately, together. This was probably done for good reason. If a part was taped or secured in any way, please replicate this for the return journey.

If the box or other packaging has weakened due to being exposed to moisture, or has been damaged, please replace with a suitable alternative.

If the product was double or triple boxed, it was done for the additional protection of a sensitive, heavy or expensive item. Multiple layers is a good way of providing additional protection to what's inside.

Some products come with packaging inserts and should be used again for a return journey.

The products should be packaged in the same way that they were received. Companies go to great lengths to design packaging and the layout of packaging / products to protect them during transit.

Ensure all boxes (internal and external) are packed with suitable void fill material to ensure no movement during transit. Please be aware some void fill material can compress under heavier items, so please take this into consideration.

Internal and external boxes or packaging should be taped securely to ensure that they do not open in transit. Use enough tape to ensure this won't happen. Heavier items are typically subjected to more forces during transit and so require additional securing.

Race Anywhere will not be liable for poor packing, packaging or damage caused due to poor packing or packaging. It may result in your return and/or refund being reduced or denied.

If you have questions or problems with the above, please get in touch and we will help you. We go to great lengths to ensure we package our shipments in a sensible and caring way. When we receive products back, we want to ensure the same thought and care has been given to the return journey.

Products can often be given a second life as a used/refurbished item. If there is additional damage caused in the return journey due to poor packing / packaging, then there is a higher chance of that item becoming waste / e-waste. Reducing our waste not only helps the planet, but it also allows us to keep prices low for customers (as the cost of return products becoming waste is something that has to be considered as part of our pricing).

If you have any questions, please simply reach out to us and we will be happy to help.