PRO SIMRIG & Race Anywhere

PRO SIMRIG & Race Anywhere

Race Anywhere is the global distributor and reseller for all PRO SIMRIG products.



Everything that PRO SIMRIG manufactures can be found here at Race Anywhere. 



Popular questions:

Q. Why can I not buy direct from PRO SIMRIG?

A. Due to the growth in the PRO SIMRIG business, they are now focusing on production rather than sales. Race Anywhere now takes on this role and works closely with PRO SIMRIG to make sure you get the very best experience.


Q. Are taxes included in the prices seen on Race Anywhere?

A. For UK customers, yes, VAT at 20% is included.

A. For customers outside of the UK, prices are shown without tax. You will need to pay your own country's sales tax.


Q. Now that the UK is outside of the EU, do I need to pay duties when importing to an EU country?

A. It is our understanding that the free trade agreement signed between the EU and the UK on the 24th December 2020 means there are no additional duties to be paid. Please check with your local authorities for clarification. 


Q. How fast is shipping?

A. We aim to ship orders very quickly. We will always keep you up to date if there is a delay in shipping (you will not be kept in the dark!). We primarily use FedEx which is a reliable shipping partner and can deliver to all parts of the world at a reasonable price. More details are available on the Delivery Options page.


Q. How expensive is shipping?

A. Shipping is calculated based on the weight of the items in your order and your location. If you have a question about shipping costs, or you think they are incorrect, please contact us.