The final countdown

01.09.2020 0 Martin Ellingham
The final countdown

There are no big 80's style perms on offer and we aren't about to visit Venus, but we are on the final countdown now for our pre-order period which ends next week (Sunday the 6th).

Like the band Europe's ephemeral turned eternal hit (it was at one time #1 in the UK chart would you believe), our Pro Sim Rig delivery also comes from Scandinavia (but Denmark, rather than Sweden like the band).

We are finalising the first shipments from the Pro Sim Rig factory tomorrow to ensure we start delivering to our pre-orders very soon. More customers over the past few days have placed pre-orders, and we are very grateful as always for your custom.

Pro Sim Rig boss Cecilie hard at work (camera man clearly not doing enough work!)

Everyone who has made an order so far will receive a shipping update in the coming days. If you have any questions about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us on or find us on Discord at

More gear has also started to arrive for rig testing and promotional purposes. This should fit perfectly with the PSR1 rig

We're always interested in what you want to see on Race Anywhere. If any current or potential customer has any feedback, please let us have it. We can only thrive by serving the community what they want and need.

Maybe you know a distributor or manufacturer of products, merchandise or services that would compliment our existing premium offerings? Drop us an email on, we'd love to chat.