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Info Qubic System QS-BT1 - Dual Channel, Direct Drive Seat Belt Tensioner Please note, this is a pre-order of a new system  ** Product is now in production ** We...
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Qubic System QS-BT1 - Dual Channel, Direct Drive Seat Belt Tensioner

Please note, this is a pre-order of a new system  ** Product is now in production ** We try to accurately predict the delivery time  of a new product, but it could be earlier or later than this date **

"Driven by the same technology as breathtaking QS-220, QS-BT1 is a multi-purpose, dual channel, direct drive seat belt tensioner that increases sim racing immersion like no other device in its class and price range. It can complete not only force feedback offered by direct drive wheels, but also move up the level of overall experience offered by already really immersive QS motion platforms and if needed, it can even act as a standalone independent device.

Simulation of braking, lateral accelerations, high speed cornering, wheel locks and traction loss are among list of primary features of QS-BT1. Asymmetrical engine vibrations and road surface effects like rumble strips are also available for games that support them." - Qubic System

Cockpit compatibility:

The set QS-BT1 includes an adapter designed for cockpits based on aluminum constructions.


  • Powerful Performance: 321W rated power with 4A/115VAC and 2A/230VAC power source.
  • Dual-Channel Capability: Two independent channels for a versatile and dynamic simulation experience.
  • Advanced Protection: Class 1 protection for enhanced safety during operation.
  • Versatile Connectivity: USB interface for seamless integration with Windows PC.
  • Pulling Force: 20.5kg/45lbs/200N per channel, providing realistic feedback.
  • Multifunctional RGB: Illuminated with customizable RGB lighting for a visually immersive experience.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Streamlined dimensions and device weight for practical use.
  • Motion Platforms Compatibility: Compatible with QS, PS, HS motion platforms for extended versatility and most cockpits available on the market.
  • Effect Diversity: Supported effects vary based on the specific game in use.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Maximum length of USB and Motion-Lock cables at 3m for flexible positioning.

Proudly made in EU: Engineered, Designed and Manufactured in Poland



  • Main unit (QS-BT1)
  • USB cable
  • External power supply with power cord
  • 2x Low friction inserts for seat belts slots
  • Universal mounting adapter for aluminium cockpits with necessary hardware
  • Motion-Lock jumper

Not included:

  • Seat belts
  • Cockpit
  • Bucket seat
  • Motion-Lock remote switch (sold separately)
  • Dedicated adapter for other cockpits (sold separately)


  • Power Source: 4A/115VAC, 2A/230VAC
  • Rated Power: 321 W
  • Inrush Current: 20A/115VAC, 40A/230VAC
  • Protection Class: 1
  • Interface: USB
  • Dimensions: 561 x 99 x 138 mm/22.13 x 3.90 x 5.43 in
  • Device Weight: 12 kg/26.46 lbs
  • Power Supply Weight: 2.8 kg/6.17 lbs
  • Number of Independent Channels: 2
  • Pulling Force: 20.5 kg/45 lbs/200 N per channel
  • Storage Temperatures: +4°C to +45°C
  • Full Performance Temperatures: +5°C to +35°C
  • Computer Compatibility: Windows PC
  • Supported Effects: Depends on Specific Game
  • Multifunctional RGB
  • Maximum Length of USB Cable: 3m
  • Maximum Length of Motion-Lock Cable: 3m
  • Motion Platforms Compatibility: QS-220, QS-210, PS, HS [1]
  • [1] For seat movers application, QS-BT1 can be installed only to the motion platform’s top frame, close to pivot point and it will reduce allowed user weight.


More details can be found on QubicSystem.com