New DIY parts added

26.01.2021 0 Martin Ellingham
New DIY parts added

We know that sim racers are industrious people. Some even enjoy getting their hands dirty once in a while! For that reason, we are continuing to add DIY parts to Race Anywhere.

The range is modest for now, but over time we hope that we can help you build creations of your own designs.

For now you can buy:

  • 40x40 t-slot nuts (M8)
  • 40x40 t-slot nuts (M6)
  • 40x40 angle brackets
  • 40x40 angle bracket caps
  • 40x40 hinges
  • 40x40 end caps
  • 40x80 end caps
  • 40x120 end caps
  • 40x160 end caps
  • M8x16mm buttonhead bolts
  • M8x20mm buttonhead bolts
  • M8x25mm buttonhead bolts
  • M6x16mm buttonhead bolts
  • M8x25 countersunk bolts
  • M8x30 countersunk bolts


Next up will be aluminium profiles and a wide range of brackets. Check back soon for more.

Check out the full range here.