Sim Racing Holding ApS Investment

08.04.2022 0 Martin Ellingham

Race Anywhere / PRO SIMRIG announcement

8th April, 2022

We have some important news about the structure and future direction of Race Anywhere.

Today, Sim Racing Holding ApS have made a strategic investment in Race Anywhere to allow for future expansion of the company.

Sim Racing Holding will work with Race Anywhere to make targeted investments. By investing in our team and adding key new hires to aid our expansion, we can continue to support our customers and partners at the highest level.

We will bring on new partner brands and strengthen existing partnerships to ensure we have equipment in stock that represents the best quality and value the industry has to offer.

We will also invest in the customer’s purchasing experience to ensure buyer’s remorse in the sim racing industry is a thing of the past. We also want to give people the widest access to test the equipment they will end up racing themselves.



As part of this deal, the PRO SIMRIG brand will become part of the Race Anywhere company. PRO SIMRIG will continue to be a brand in its own right.

Per Strandvig Sørensen, CEO of Sim Racing Holding ApS, commented: “Sim racing has an exciting future and we want to be at the sharp end of it. By bringing together two well respected brands, Race Anywhere and PRO SIMRIG, we will help grow and innovate in the market together. I am so excited to see where the future takes us.”

By combining Race Anywhere and PRO SIMRIG, we will offer sim racers a better integrated experience when they are kitting out their perfect sim-rig. Better economies of scale also means that PRO SIMRIG products will continue to represent the very best value sim racing products in the market.

This deal will also allow for increased product development, by enhancing the existing PRO SIMRIG product line-up and adding to it. New exciting product launches are planned for later this year, and a full roadmap of future product developments is underway.

PRO SIMRIG will continue to be sold and supported through its partner network worldwide. The intention is to grow the PRO SIMRIG partner network. The partner network will be expanded through 2022 and beyond so that sim racers around the world can have local access to great PRO SIMRIG products.

Martin Ellingham, CEO of Race Anywhere Ltd, commented: “Our customers trust us to get things right, bring them fantastic value products and top quality after care. Sim Racing Holding’s investment will help us move to the next stage. I am incredibly excited to get started on what can only be a good thing for sim racers worldwide.”

To sign off, we want to say a huge thank you to all Race Anywhere and PRO SIMRIG customers, partners, partner brands and suppliers. Without you, we would not have been able to get to where we are today, or to envision the bright future we have laid out in this announcement. Thank you for all your support.