Turn Racing x Race Anywhere

29.06.2022 0 Martin Ellingham
Turn Racing x Race Anywhere

Today, we announce an exciting new partner with Turn Racing. The new partnership will bring the full range of Turn Racing products to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

Both Race Anywhere and Turn Racing are known for providing innovative products and components at unparalleled value.

Race Anywhere will at first stock two of Turn Racing’s bestselling products, namely:


Martin Ellingham, Director at Race Anywhere said:

“Turn Racing are a company we have long admired. They have an enviable amount of overwhelmingly positive feedback from drivers who rely on their products. We cannot wait to help European customers get those same benefits.”

“One of the things that really stood out was that fine balance needed between quality vs. affordability. It is no good creating the finest products if no one can afford them. It was clear from conversations with Zach (Founder and Owner of Turn Racing) that he wants his products to benefit the widest number of sim racers, without compromising on the performance or quality of the products. Few companies succeed in doing that. Turn Racing is an exception.”

“Another thing was its openness to helping the community without any expectation of reward. The Turn Racing Discord is red hot with enthusiastic builders of all experience levels learning from each other and creating and sharing fantastic DIY projects and products.”

“Finally, Turn Racing’s focus on listening to customer feedback and incrementally improving the product line up. It’s important in any competitive market not to rest on your laurels, and Turn Racing certainly doesn’t.”

Race Anywhere’s Europe-wide reach will allow new customers to feel the quality and love the value of Turn Racing products.

Race Anywhere will work with Turn Racing to enhance current and future products by working closely with European customers and their valuable product feedback.


Zach, Founder and Owner of Turn Racing stated:

“Race Anywhere are a great fit for Turn Racing products. They stock only the best products at each price segment. They have a keen focus on customer service, and that’s what we are all about too.”

“Turn have received many requests from companies to become our UK & EU distributors, but we declined all of them, because we were waiting for the right partner. We wanted a long-term partner that shared the same ethos and enthusiasm for the customers and community as we do and we believe we found that with Race Anywhere.”


Both the R305 and R320 are now available for pre-order at www.raceanywhere.co.uk