TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake (Simagic)

TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake (Simagic)


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TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake from SIMAGIC Info Immersive SensationsRelive the Thrill of Speed Exceptional Hydraulic System, Authentic Replication of a Real brake system. Reproduces 1:1 braking feel for an immersive experience....
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TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake from SIMAGIC

Immersive Sensations
Relive the Thrill of Speed

  • Exceptional Hydraulic System, Authentic Replication of a Real brake system.
  • Reproduces 1:1 braking feel for an immersive experience.
  • Innovative elastomers designed for easy replacement.
  • Accurately achieve your desired feeling.
  • Precise Resistance for an Exhilarating Rally/Drift Racing Experience.
  • A reliable choice for enthusiasts who demand authenticity.

Pro Racer's Choice
Unleash Your Potential,

  • Experience Exhilarating Performance
  • Hydraulic System is Designed and Recommended by Racing Engineers
  • Nine elastomers with Four Stiffness Variations,
  • Customizable to Accommodate Various Forces.
  • Easily Recreate the Feel of Any Racing Car.

Accurate Feedback
Empowering You with Complete Control

  • Optional Haptic Feedback Module, Featuring an In-house Developed Linear Motor.
  • Precise Control and Feedback, Feel Tire Lock-up through the Handbrake.
  • Clear Feedback and Immersive Vehicle Dynamics
  • Provide Enhanced Realism for Experienced Sim Racing Drivers.

Devoted to Your Needs
Unleash a New Era of Driving

  • Adjustable Handle Offers Four Different Angles.
  • Innovative Rotatable Hydraulic Reservoir Design allows installation in various positions.
  • You Can Choose to Use the Handbrake Vertically or Horizontally.
  • Suitable for Virtually Any Seating Position or Control Requirement.


Premium Quality Exceeding Expectations For a Superior Racing Experience

  • High-Grade Aluminium Alloy Structure, Ensuring Maximum Durability.
  • Maintains Optimal Performance During Intense Use.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship, Offering Exceptional Value for Money
  • High-Precision CNC Machining for Enhanced Accuracy.
  • Delivers a Precise and Outstanding Driving Experience for Drifting or Rally Racing.


Unleash Your Individuality
Unspoken Creative Brilliance

  • Replaceable Handle Grips,
  • Compatible with a Variety of Aftermarket Grip Sets,
  • Catering to each Player's Individual Needs.


SimPro Manager 2.0

  • Convenient Setup
  • Easy Adjustability
  • Software and Firmware with Automatic Detection and Updates.
  • Easy Setup and User-Friendly Operation.


Product Name: TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake USB Connection: PC, Simagic WheelBase Adjustable Damping: Supported Horizontal Handle Installation: Supported Rotatable oil container: Supported Building Material: Aluminium alloy Dimensions ( Length x Width x Height): 178mm* 95mm* 387mm Mounting Holes: M6 Threaded Hole Φ6 Through Hole Net Weight: 1.35kg In the Package: Warranty Card, Quick Guide, USB Cable Screw Pack, CAN Cable, Rubber Spring, Limit Block